Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 1: Artist in Residence.

Woke up with wind whistling around the Best Western room door in Santa Rosa New Mexico. Ithe neighbors are clanking and talking and trucks whining by on I40 outside. Glad to be on bed with covers pulled up.

  630+ yesterday but today just meandering into Albuquerque. Hoping to connect with Kirk Gittings and finish food prep for out West. In the morning I get to see some Chaco Canyon Artifacts at Unm and then head over to Hubbell.

  Can't think of anything I have forgotten that is crucial. Truck packed like a gymbag- not very organized.
 Filling water bottles from Best Western Tap. The odd taste of water from strange places always lets you know you are travelling.

  Neighbors from Prescott, Arizona. Nancy Mattina, the writer was right in front of me as AIR st Hubbell. She's probably home now.

  At breakfast I was the only person with a legit logo T-shirt on, unless Banana Republic is an event and Old Navy actually has old boats. I'm TSRA rifle team. The hard way. I love people, but sometimes I see a clue that I'm not from their tribe. 

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