Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Film running.

30 rolls of 120 were waiting and over 100 sheets of 5X7.  All done, sleeved and ready to proof.  Used Pyrocat HD mostly.  Xtol on some of the roll film.

Monday, November 16, 2015

PETFO: The End of Days

  I finished the last afternoon in rainbows and rain showers.  Pushing a last couple shots.  There was a tremendous amount of work undone.  Never touched the East end of a butte down South that tumbled off into a jumble of dolmens.  Never got my shadow of a single Teepee stretched across the plains.  Never got a good black and white rainbow or thundercloud.  Not enough time and light.  On the other hand I did get some memorable images and spend a large amount of time footwalking the park.  We're invited back anytime the casita is open.  

Last look off the point down at the top of Pintura Peak.

  Katie was packing and cleaning.  Off Sunday morning at 7:00 for the first leg to Texas.  Once, I was an Artist-in-Residence, but now, I was just a tourist with 1200 miles from home.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

PETFO: The Place No One Knew. Inside Pintura Escarpment.

Saturday was the last day for work.  Loaded up and headed for an obscure point on the escarpment that I had scouted from above.

Morning rainbow fragment.

Saddled up and walking to the edge.

  Hadn't been inside, though I had jumped the cracks on top and looked down into the labyrinth from overhead.  Actually getting in was the tricky part.  You never know if you are struggling into a dead end with your bag full of gear and tripod or if something will go.  All the usual.  Tight, loose underfoot, slanted, steep, crumbly.

  It did go.  I worry too much.  Inside the corridors wandered and twisted.  Nice smooth overcast early morning light.  No wind inside.  Spooky exploring.  Not a trace of man, no trash, no footprints, not a flake of flint or a shard of pottery.  

Shot until the sunlight broke through the clouds at the same time that I ran out of film.  First time on the trip that I had shot all my holders.

Walked down the rim to look into the cave once more.

Last look out the window on Pintura Peak.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PETFO: Scouting the Labyrinth.

Daily light-show going on over Pilot Point.

Pintura Peak in the evening.

Artist-in-Residence mobile.

Ravens begging.

Looking at lateral entrances to the crack systems.

Overhead views into cracks.

One foot equals one foot.

 Would go if I can find access.

Looks roomy.

Several winding corridors below.  I think I can get in from one side, if it goes.