Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 2 AIR: on the road and Albuquerque.

  Slow roll out from Santa Rosa. Clocks all set an hour later to New Mexican time.   Out on the interstate I got a "check engine" light.  All lindicators holding steady so I throttled back to 62 and went to the first exit.  Eventually would up in Albuquerque. Found a high rated garage near the UNM campus. I'm in a VERY retro hotel on central down on what is suppossed to be the good part. Found the appointment for tomorrow. Met Kirk Gittings for an hour at Flying Star. Very interesting guy with lots of experience.

  Truck goes in tomorrow. I go to UNM.  Hopefully we all rejoin forces and roll West after that.

  Right now its windy and dusty with beautiful slanting light.  Ought to go to Albertsons over on Carlisle and grocery up. 

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