Monday, April 21, 2014

Arist-in-Residence Easter Sunday at Hubbell and Canyon de Chelly.

Verizon only gives you one bar if you climb to the roof of the old barn and hold your mouth just right.  I got up there to check in with Katie and text Jackson.  MAJOR complaint is not being able to keep up with home in real time.  I have a phone that surfs the web and takes pictures....but you have to climb on top of a 140 year old barn to make it work.  I COULD climb Hubbell Hill and stand on a gravestone, but would have to cross the wash.

  Supposed to be a windy day but it was dead calm.  From the barn roof with a scoped 10/22 I could have solved the local Prairie Dog problem.  Weather looked so good I decided to make a run to Canyon de Chelly.  Texted Arizona Canyon Tours and got set with Tulley.  Hadley, from yesterday,
was....hunting Easter Eggs.

 Tulley Yazzie and I took a suburban up Canyon de Chelly.  The park service is cutting the salt cedar and Russian Olive out, so big areas of the canyon that were closed are now open.  Some of the burn piles were still smoking.

Tourists at White House ruin.  The only place in the canyon that you can walk down unsupervised.

 Cleared ground in front of a big wall just up the canyon from White House Ruin.

There are cathedrals that aren't this intricately carved.

Road up through the canyon.

iphone notes.

Walls are like huge paintings done on god-like scale.

Shot this.  Had high hopes but there was quite a glare around the corner and I was using an old Ektar.


Coffeepot wired in a fence.

Sheep corral.  Hard to tell but the bottom of the corral is a layer of sheep dung, solid, about a foot thick.  Bees had a hive UNDER the dung-pad.  Careful walking.


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