Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hubbell AIR: Two early landscapes, then snow storm blows in.

Up before 5:00 loading holders and interneting.  Got up pretty early and checked the Horned Owls.  Found two little scenes in the early light and took Deardorff out after them.

The wind picked up and by 11:00 it was snowing.

The snow soaked in quickly.  I'd been out in the 42mph gusts with the Nikon, finding sheltered places to shoot.  I took the 5X7 out in a lull and got a couple of shots.  Too unusual an event to miss.

  Long day.  After closing time now so I'm locked behind the gates with everyone gone.  Beautiful slanting late afternoon light.  If the wind wasn't blowing 30 mph it would be perfect.

  Packing up and leaving tomorrow.  Hard to believe it is over.

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