Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day Two of Canyon del Muerto.

My poor guide must be roasted.  He was a stand-in driving a Jeep station wagon that he had been warned not to turn off.  So it ran for six hours plus up in the canyon.  To his credit, it never quit.  Nice guy.

  Back in the dark.  I started to eat at the Thunderbird cafeteria but instead ate a steak/fry break sandwich that I bought on the way up.  Someone's horse died hard.

  Holders reloaded and I'm fed and watered and ready to collapse.  More on today tomorrow.

Home at the Hubbell.  I tour folks all day when I am here- just leave the door open and invite folks through.

Front door of the Guest Hogan.

Indian tracks!

iphone notes.

Guide said the stick was holding up the wall.

Trusty Jeep station wagon....that never quit.

Camera on the road.

Rock.  This country has a lotta rocks.

Cottonwood in the big opening above Blue Bull cave.

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