Friday, April 25, 2014

Hubbell Trading Post AIR: Down to last days.

Wanted to get into the canyon early, (though it turned out that the light is better late.), so Tulley and I rolled out at 8:00.  I had a quick breakfast at the Thunderbird, in line with Ben Teller from the Antelope House Tour group, then off we went.  The old Thunderbird Lodge is now Sacred Canyon Lodge.  Hate to see things like that change.  I've been staying and eating at the Thunderbird since the 70s when a whole trip out West cost about 250.00.  We used to drive up on Spring Break and sleep in the camper shell of a Toyota pickup in the cottonwood campground.

Shot this last year at Martini Rock and was glad to have another go at it.  Tulley says he's never heard it called martini, he just calls it "Place where rock leans over," -a little more poetic.

On the del Muerto side we turned right at Fortress Rock and went up that side canyon as far as we could.  To find the best viewpoint of this tree I edged around, gave up and then made a final move that made visual sense.

Tulley and his faithful climbing jeep.

With longest lens.

The Deardorff at mid-day.

Fortress Rock road junction with an astounding Cottonwood that resisted photography.

Scarecrow, though I suppose in this country it would be a Scareraven.

More rock in any one acre here than in five East Texas counties.

Iphone laying on camera case.  Always shocked to see myself when it turns view around.  It's more like a view camera than a traditional camera.  You look AT it, not THROUGH it.

Last shot of the day coming out at 7:00


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