Friday, April 18, 2014

Camera notes.

iphone, Nikon digital and Deardorff with several lenses.  I've blacked out the bathroom enough to load film holders at night.  With a little more blackout I could have run film...I think.  I stuff a pillow in the shower window and use a black piece of 3040 foamcore on the window.  

  Deardorff running great.  I've been light on the filtration.  Boxing film and labeling it.  The wall stripes always need a little more development.

  Two meters.  Ones a backup.  Carbon fiber Gitzo tripod with a huge head to hold the camera.  I've got a little single bubble level element I use to make sure I am not slanting off to one side or the front.

Deardorff on wet sand in Canyon del Muerto.

Deardorff with 190mm Wide Field Ektar bought in Albuquerque at Kurt's Camera Corral in the 90s and used ever since.

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