Thursday, April 17, 2014

In CdMuerto today. With Tulley Yazzie.

Too beat to post much.  Just finished changing out film holders and the bed is calling.  Short version is that today was predicted to be such a great no-wind day that I went to Canyon de Chelly National Monument, got a guide and went in for six hours up the del Muerto side.

Cat Rock.  I think it's unlucky to stand right where it is looking.

Wash was lightly flooded and full of wet sand.  Could have driven a Prius in.

Tulley Yazzie of Arizona Canyon Tours.

Turned this into a vertical.

So I am standing in the middle of the wash setting up a shot with the Deardorff and Tulley's clan uncle rolls by with a Suburban full of tourists.  Uncle leans out the window as he passes and says, "Nice 5X7."  I nearly fell over in the mud.  I guess they DO get some photographers in there.

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