Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday: Home with the Hubbells.

Stayed on post today and worked on interiors of the main house.  First time I had been in this trip.  I shot a few quick digital files for last sessions AIR writer Nancy Mattina and the set up the Deardorff.

These are just iphone notes.  I put a spacer behind the wood box lid to get a better shadow and pulled a couple other tricks as well.

Got the back room propped and lit before I shot this on film.

Same here.  Interested in the mix of old and new.

The big wooden contraption is used to bag wool.  I shot a variation of this and then switched to the short ladder that was used to dump wool in the top of this guy.  It sits over a hole in the floor....guess that's the Hubbell sipapu.

  Hubbell sits in a Verizon wireless dead zone.  They can't hear you now, nor can you get on the web or text.  I mentioned it at lunch and one of the maintenence guys asked me if I had tried from the roof of the barn.  I climbed the ladder and got one bar.  If you want something done, ask a maintenence guy.

  Drove up to Verizon Mountain where you get two bars, sometimes three if the wind is blowing right and checked in with folks, including booking Tulley Yazzie for tomorrow afternoon.

  Wind howling outside so I'm in for the evening.  

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