Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hogan Sitting.

It's buggy in here- some little beetle is dying in record numbers.  Whatever it is they need they aren't getting it.  They just seem to crawl into the open and die.  This is a lean nice comfortable guest house, no dark corners but I did have a juvenile Brown Recluse crawl out of the hinge of the laptop yesterday. That's kind of a shock.  Never had ANYTHING crawl out of the macbook before.  Nothing to be done except sweep up the bodies and shake your clothes before dressing.

  This Artist-in-residence thing can be tricky, I guess.

  I haven't left the property since I got here.  Going to today.  The forecast calls for no wind so I am about to get geared up to go to Canyon de Chelly for the afternoon.

  Yesterday evening I broke out the 5X7 and shot windows and doors.  Shot through all my holders.  I had shot the moonset and a couple other things, plus plenty of digital and iphone, but that was the first real sustained work.

The guest hogan.  It's not as isolated as it seems.  That's Hubbell Hill where everyone is buried behind it.

Kid field day yesterday here on the grounds.  Like any field day, the kids had a great time.

Moonset yesterday morning.

Brown Recluse.  Dang.

Staff is fine, mostly Dine.  I got here just at the start of a two-day meeting and training session hosted by the Western National Parks Association.  Back to routine today for them.  Wonderful flow of people coming through the trading post.  Met some from Texas and some from Norway.  Famous place.

I think I qualified yesterday.

Ravens here very aclimated to humans.  They scavenge food scraps in the parking lot.  A pair were going at a garbage sack in the back of a pickup out in front of the post.  I don't think they are nesting yet, but it's close.

Roof of the main store.

Shooting front door of the residence.  Post closes at 5:00 and I get the place to myself.

iphone notes.

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