Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hubbell AIR: Shooting doors.

Just seven sheets through the 57 holders today as the wind blew in during the afternoon.  It's still blowing now and has been in double digits for the last 14 hours.  Weather Underground says wind and rain all day.

One of the Chicken Sisters at the door of the coop.

Shot the front entrance door in pretty good light, then moved down to the double barn doors and picked one.  (There are about 10 cars parked behind it.)  Propped the door open nearly parallel to the direction of the Sun.  The negative won't have as much sky.  Pushed the Ektar 190 Wide-Field lens limits. 

This blacksmith shop door is going to the archive soon.  Shot it in place before it gets replaced.

Inside the chicken coop.  That's a nesting box built into the adobe wall.  

One of the Chicken Sisters watching.

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