Monday, April 21, 2014

Artist-in-Residence, off to Petrified Forest.

Day trip down to Petrified Forest to see those folks and tour the park.  They turned me down for AIR this year so I thought I would go show the flag a bit while I was close.  Nice people.  Big park with a North and South component separated by 20 miles of rolling road.  Pretty subtle landscape unless the sky is active.  A little bit of several things:  rounded mud hills, mesas, escarpments, historical structures, Route 66, a flattened pueblo, lotta rock art.  Could be fun.  Terrific artist's quarters in old Fred Harvey Buildings.

About an hour from Ganado.  My Garmin took me the best, but most boring way.  That's  drawback of navigators.  Wished I had a paper map at times.

  Nice skies here in the late afternoon.  They were moving sheep when I left and moving sheep when I got back.


  I didn't shoot any 5X7 all day.  Got caught going for a walk to see a tree when the nice rainbow broke out.  I went for my big camera but didn't make it.  Rainbows, like almost everything else, don't wait.

  Enjoyed it plenty anyway.

  Got to see a pair of greyhounds, a pair of Jack Russells and a pack of four local strays hunting rabbits. That's a lot of good dogging going on.  

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