Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Artist-in-Residence Marathon drive-around yesterday.

I brought a framed photo of Shiprock along that had been accepted into a show at Farmington.  Thought I would just drive it over.  Needed to talk to curator and see the gallery anyway.  Started out early and went to Window Rock and then North to 134 in the mountains, dropped over the pass at Sheep Springs and down into the desert just South of Toadlena and the famous two grey hills.  On the drive into Shiprock town I stopped to see Lightning Man.

The only film photo of the day.

Then into Farmington- another 40 miles to drop off the print, talk to the curator and tour the gallery, ate  a real sit-down meal at Sonya's in Bloomfield, over to the Salmon ruins, (I hadn't visited since the 80s.), and then out to visit Shiprock.

Raven nests were stacked three deep in one of the cracks on the pulpit and the wind was howling.  Left Shiprock and headed over to an old favorite Cottonwood with a big Raven nest in it.

Desert Racer.

Visited a Happy Place at Red Valley and then went over the pass to Chinle.

Happy Place, Red Valley.

Shiprock from Buffalo Pass.


Heavy crosswinds the whole day.  Glad to get back in my stone Hogan at Hubbell.  

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