Saturday, May 18, 2024

Sunflowers 2024.

Retired schoolteacher who grows Sunflowers. I like it.  The Night Bloomers are currently cycling, but my Sunflowers, who I have been thinking about growing for ten years are actually standing 5 ft tall.

June of 2020, first week of the month. I shot sunflowers in the Guatemalans yard.  They grew them several years in a row and I'd admired them greatly, walking the dogs every morning.  Really got serious. I had a ladder and various tools to reflect light, throw shade, split exposures for half a negative, then the other half.  Every morning at 7:00AM.  In their front yard working the row of spectacular Sunflowers.

Guatemaleans moved on.  I had thought about growing Lindsey Lane Sunflowers for a decade or two.  This year I ordered a mountain of dirt, got it installed, beds torn out, re-dirted.  And planted.  Early March.

90 days from planting to flowers.  Here we are.  First blooms showing their faces.


Night Bloomers really to go.


Night iPhone 15.

Sunflower faces.

I'm in business.  Though I may just be looking.  73 individual plants up and going.

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Old NFO said...

Those are some interesting shots!