Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Breaking into the Fall.

  Deardorff is recovered.  Mostly.  New back, new ground glass, new lens, new lens board.  Show came and went at Foto Relevance in Houston.  Show opening on Sept 29 at The grace Museum in Abilene, Texas.  Prints are delivered.  Just have to go to the opening.

  Darkroom up and functioning.  Studio is working across the street.  Nothing interferes with work except the normal cacophony of modern life.

  First stage of Guggenheim kicked out the door.

  Tornadoes lined up.  Still taking several sessions to get an idea refined.

Shooting schematic on the back of the Deardorff.


Rains brought a big mushroom bloom.  Rare.  We didn't get on last year.

Proof of the negative.  I know how to change it, perhaps improving...but going to let this one sit for a bit.

Mushnado.  Maybe.

  Shows, ideas, some print sales.  

What else is possible?