Saturday, May 28, 2016

A foot in the West.

  Packing madly, everything from post-its to power-strips, coffee to cameras.  Many moving parts to be gone from here for a bit and living there.  They had snow two days ago.

  I inhaled maps for a month or two, backing them with geology, natural history and anthropology from the region.  The last few weeks I've immersed myself in Pre-WWII Dada and surrealists.  Man Ray's "Cadeau" is my new favorite photo, both in conception and execution.  (Google it).  Feels like I am set and ready.  I'm sure there will be missing spatulas, (as at Hubbell), and surprise vipers scattered around, but my feet are pointed forward.  I think.

  When confronted by such stupendous scenery it's important, (for me), to remember that scenery ain't necessarily art and any resulting image better be refracting through an filter that only I carry.   If only I can find it.

  Kicking out tomorrow early into the Texas interstate culture.   Tuesday touring O'Keefe's house at Abique.   Hoping to blow Shiprock a kiss and be in the park by Wednesday afternoon.

  Tyler paper doing a short piece with photographs.  Sunday probably.