Friday, August 24, 2012

Brancusi at Shiprock.

  One little proof from the Shiprock negatives.  Just getting into the negatives.  I'll know a lot more when I get these done.  Already looking at a few in mats.

  Spotted this from the road a couple hundred yards away.  We drove much closer and found a whole wall of pretty interesting stuff.

A little Anasazi rockwork in the Climber's Cave.  One of two little pieces of rockwork at Shiprock.

This ought to make a pretty nice print.  Its a nice combination of things that are REALLY there, like rocks, dikes, little peaks, plains.....and the transitory: light and shadow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Proofing, then the edit begins.

  All the negatives processed and contact proofing started today.  I've seen these images once, in my head, again on the ground glass, as negatives and now I'm printing them on normal contrast paper to see what they actually look like.

  Bear in mind- I MECHANICALLY set the composition with a tripod and ground glass.  That's a lost art now and not to be underestimated.  Years of time and thousands of negatives carefully composed with a double axis: one tilting the camera left and right and the other pointing it up and down.  I usually level the camera and use controls- rise and fall of the front lens, to set the image.  I'm not just waving a digital around and zooming in and out.  I'm very carefully setting the negative space around the subject.

  Considerable pains were taken to climb to certain view points, set up the camera and tripod and be there when the light might be at it's optimum.  These are highly edited images with an enormous amount of visual, imaginary and intellectual input.....already, and the kill rate during the proofing is STILL going to be over 50%.

  So now they go through another edit.  I'll pick the ones I actually might want to print from the proofs.

  Negatives with any defect go by the wayside.  The picks will probably go in a mat for a bit to see how they do on the wall.  If they pass the wall test I'll take them into the darkroom for a print.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ilford HP-5 5X7, all processed.

  Took more than five liters of X-tol 1:1 @ 68 degrees.  Used an 8X10 tray for developer.  Had a few exposures aren't as consistent as I hoped.  I think it was the use of many lenses all with different shutters.  The old shutters, running slow, gave me some overexposures.  Nothing too extreme but I expect them to be perfect as carefully as I meter, filter and take slow shutters into consideration.  Now on to the proofing.  120 pieces of film, probably 40 different scenes.  I shot some of them more than once on different days under different lighting.  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

120 sheets of 5X7

Deardorff with 12 inch Commercial Ektar and a nice shade on it.  The shutter on this one needs work, but in general I made some good guesses on settings and came out OK on the exposures.

  Starting to process the film.  Ran three sets of eight sheets in trays this afternoon.  Fresh X-Tol film developer.  They are looking oK.  I'm jumping around from box to box and just pulling a few per run from the last loaded film holders.  Not in a hurry.  Got a little roll film as well.

  Couple ruined by light streaks.  Need a really good shade on the 450 I think.  Generally they look pretty good.  It's a slight struggle with process and wash temp since the water out of the cold side is running up into the 80s.  I think the water main near the studio must be near the surface of the hot brick street.  The rains overnight cooled it down.  It can get near 100.

Update: will all my repeats and do-overs in different light, about 40 different scenes.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shiprock: South Dike.

iphone images of the South Dike as I came and went.  Some of these from when I was set up and shooting with my Deardorff 5X7.

Light coming and going in large swatches one morning.  Dike from Shiprock looking South.  I'm up on  a big boulder on the Southwest talus slope.

Mid-morning light from the left.  

 Early morning.  Look at the nearly complete shadow on the right.  6:58 or so.  In position I had picked and climbed to in the dawn.
Black and white version of above.

Morning, still before 8:00.  Light from the left.  Longer lens.  Too close to the wall.

Wider view of above.

Afternoon, 5:00pm.  Light from the West.  I'm closer and lower.

 Up and further on the trail, afternoon.  Climbing rope.

Last morning.  Utah fire smoke diffused the morning light, but it's mostly from the left.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shiprock August run.

  Just sent my camera off with Greg Jackson to Shiprock.  I'm going to fly to Albuquerque and meet him on Sunday, then about four days on the rock.  I've got an ambitious schedule to shoot, mostly on the West side, plus some exploring.  Can't wait to get on the rock.  Planning on sleeping each night on a ledge on the West side.  Also hoping to see a good thunderstorm.

Chaco last Spring.

4-Runner at the North Face.  I'm sure I am in that image somewhere, struggling up to the North Buttress.

Katie shot these with her phone.  

Lucy at Shiprock.  I'm somewhere up that slope in the background.


Horst is gone but leaves us lots of photos.