Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 2017

Hand games.

Hat Trick.

Flower Hat.

Nautilus, Squared.

Paper bag Pistol.

Puzzle jug.

  I'd post more but I have to go process film from the last two days.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I keep hoping to be called a "passionate visionary."

But instead:

The Hand of Sabazuis.

In a previous life and a previous century I visited and exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston of 200 items that had just been excavated from Pompeii.  The items had a very familiar feel to them, all being "Western" art.  They were Western but pre-Christian.  They still felt like home.  Among the items was a bronze cult item, a human hand built to be placed on a staff:  The Hand of Sabazuis.  It was slightly smaller than full size with an acorn, a snake, a flame, a little seated man, et attached to it.  For some reason I never forgot it.  
  Human hands are an iconic item.  They show up on cave ceilings and historical ruins throughout human history.  I've used them in many images in the Blackfork Bestiary.  They are showing up in Magic & Logic, my kinetic still life series.  Enough to make their own show at the point.

Handful of acorns.

Snail Hand, from the Blackfork Bestiary.

Cicada Hand, from the Blackfork Bestiary.

Puzzle hand.