Thursday, March 19, 2015

East Face of Shiprock.

  Sale of this print out of the TCC Gallery show in Longview.  Nice image, but takes a real aficianado to pick out this image from the show.  A raven sits just at the top of the white guano streak, though he is hard to make out against the black shadow.  He was watching me and I was watching him.  Beautiful afternoon in the shadow of the East side.  Could stare into this wall for hours.  The difficulty is knowing where to start and stop a photograph.  The whole wall is a miracle.

White Trees.

  Spring is here and the weather and light changing fast.  I'm sure the last freeze is gone.  Would have liked a little more Winter but the last freeze came just in time to put a frost burn on the white tree bloom. I got a couple of pieces and some urban shots, but nothing like a really classic bloom.  Same as last year, but with more rain days.  Now the light green leaves are covering the whites.

Shot this day and night.

Classic scene with iphone...but raining too hard for 5X7.

The negative from a couple days later...but the tree was much reduced.  Shot it to learn something.  With 450mm Nikon on 5X7.

Bloom-fall from right around the neighborhood corner.

Lake Road.

The main pear tree at the rosefield site.

Keeping the pipeline full of work moving through the process.  Used the polarizer on all of the above photos.