Monday, April 16, 2012

1971 Hasselblad

When I was just in junior college, with no clue what I might want to do or how to do it, I bumped into photography. A friend of mine from a year ahead said I would love journalism. I did, but when I took a little photo class from Charles Sowders over in the Pirtle Technology center I was hooked. ust have been the spring of 1971. Sometime that fall my parents sprang for a new Hasselblad 500C with a normal lens and one back. I think I still have it, though I've owned a couple so this might just be a close relative. 41 years of square format. Hard to imagine.
Never gets used these days. I keep film around. The polaroid back still has some pack film in it. Extra backs and lenses. Every now and then I shop around on Ebay though there is no reason to add anything to the Domke bag it lives in. Guess I should get rid of it. Shooting film these days I want to use bigger film so it's all 5X7. Sure had a lot of fun and made some money with my sweet little 500CM.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Something you don't see everyday. Video of Shiprock.

Usually photographers keep this kind of thing

a little secret. Tour of some of my favorite places at Shiprock while I am photographing. Let's see how long it takes before I see another photo of The Dot.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Darkroom days.

Working before the water temp gets out of range. Had to turn on the air conditioning today to keep it fresh. April 1st.

Printing new negatives and trying to dip back into the files to pick up oldies now and then. They all are headed for different projects.

No problem negatives. If I catch myself doing too much it means I am overdoing it. They are easy prints.

A little Hasselblad negative of Ali when she was 11 or so.

The Dot on the SouthWest side of Shiprock.

The Isbells pistol range in the roadside near the lake. Probably 1990.

Wall stripes below the White House overlook at Canyon de Chelly, 2010.

County Road at night, 1998.

Rose field last month near Tyler.

County Road and water stain, 2008. Near the lake.

Box Turtle and candle. For the Blackfork Bestiary.

East Dike snaking in from a nice piece of light at Shiprock last month.

The Blackfork Book of Magic. Probably 1996.

Shiprock Shadow and the Pulpit, last month.

Rock Cairn, Climber's Cave at Shiprock last month.

All nice big prints on 20X24 Ilford Multigrade Warmtone.

Spring Fleaquinox

Jupiter and Venus are in the West at dusk with Marz in the East. Blooms have come and gone. About a week ago I killed the first flea of the year off the cat. Fleacombing. Haven't seen one since November, 11. Last year was so dry and hot that the fleas and ticks took a real beating, though I had to quit taking Lucy on deercam runs by June because of deerticks. I hardly notice them since I usually wear rubber boots but she would come back with 10 or more climbing around her little Jack Russellness.
Fleacomb keeps the cat relatively flea-free, though I can tell when she's been outside near a hatch. You'll kill ten, then three, then one, then none for a while, then she will hit another hatch. I would never presume that I get them all but I certainly know the hot spots on a cat and can make them scarce.
Anyway, let the flea games begin!