Friday, August 21, 2020

Half photos & 1998.

I don't know why I'm getting 1/2 of my images.  When I click on the image I get the whole thing.

  These are negatives I've been looking at from a trip I made with Chris Johnson in July of 1998.  We had made a couple of stabs at getting up the gully to the shoulder of Half Dome the terminates in Grizzly Peak.  It was the route Ansel and party took when he shot "Monolith" in April, 1927.  

Boulder in snow on Tioga road near Omstead view/turnout.

Vernal Fall from the bridge.

2004 with Katie Wintters in February.  Bridal Veil Fall.

Tunnel View point.

From Grizzly Peak.

In the rain at Tunnel View.

From Glacier Point.

On the way back.  The base of Nevada Falls.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

West Dike, Shiprock.

  Up early looking.


Folding frames.

The Art Life is always a mess.  Scheduling ideas...forget about it.  Some show up and simmer and you can work through them, others arrive like lightning bolts, insisting on immediate scrambling reaction.

  I've been building frames- which is NOT art, it's a craft, but a nice one to have hanging around.  I've framed several of my own shows.  Been thinking about an altar for a long time, while considering image sequencing and matching... and finally side-stepped into a folding frame to hold a little series of cyanotypes.

From the back.  Added a wire to go with D-rings because I needed to hang it and look at it and didn't want to fool with a major installation.  The hangers all go on the slatty print backing.  Easier to dis-assemble if the hangers aren't on the frame.

Here's what it looks like folded up from the front.  The color is one I teased out of the pantene color strips at Home Depot pointed at Cyanotype prints.  I had a print in the Texas 2020 Show at Artspace111 and it was in a blue frame.  The slat-work is a print holding back- all glued together.  Makes the frames much easier to reload if that comes up.  It's a use for the spoils that get produced when I am making moulding.

On the wall.

This was the first run.  I learned several things.  When I ordered the mats I got three sets.  The second frame is built and ready for plex and assembly.  Four hands, four flowers, four tornadoes.

  The next idea is a set of five individual frames that will be linked by hinges.  I think it might work for sunflowers in silver.

  It's complete insanity, of course, to make your own frames.  Please don't harass me about it.  I'm probably armed.