Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Catching a shadow in a Jar and Paperwhite boxes.

8X10 work in my tiny studio.  Ideas, ideas, ideas...


River House, San Juan River at Comb Ridge.

  River House ruin is a heavily trafficked ruin, near Bluff, Utah.  Traditionally it was accessible only by boat.  There were photo workshops that worked this part of the river.  When I went, you could drive in an audacious 2-wheel vehicle or a 4WD.  I caught a ride with an old college friend, Steve Mulligan, from Moab.

  This ruin claimed by the Hopi.  Access by car now reduced.  You might park and walk in...or come by boat on the way to Mexican Hat.
  Got to ruin and immediately headed for the quietest light.  

   I'd really come for the door at the bottom, and was glad to see it in person.

5X7 and HP5/Pyrocat.


Sunday, March 13, 2022

Camera at Zero

  Buzzing around last night with a little bit of time..to do something and several somethings that could be done.  

  Decided to build a flower arrangement that has suddenly appeared.

  Several steps in finding tools, materials,  fabricating the thing.  In still life, everything in the image is something the photographer brings.  Like being god.  Since this was a new idea in a new studio, a little bit of hunting and gathering was required.  Into my supplies, tool drawer, garage can outside, neighbors yard for the flowers.  Then learning how to put it together.  

Just so.

  Also remembered the wise Rita Lombardi, (MFA), telling me that her instructor, way back in basic, had admonished them to put their camera controls all at "zero" to begin the process.  I do that, but I hadn't heard it put so plainly. 

  Good advice.

  Shot a sheet.  Changed a few things.  Shot another.  Today I tore it all down and started again.  Same photo, mostly...with changes.

  I really don't know anything about flowers.  They just keep jumping in front of the camera.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Light Ballet every morning.

My friend AC Gentry is gone but I get to watch the light work out on his garage/studio wall every morning.  It's nice. Shooting a little film.  Half a roll a day or so...

Through the camera with a Y@ filter.