Monday, January 30, 2017

Venetian Amerind Trade Beads.

  The miracle of Ebay.  I bought ten beads traded to American Indians before 1800.  At least that's what they say.  There isn't any provenance, just Paypal.

  The story is that they are Venetian glass beads produced on an island North of Venice before 1800 for the indian trade.  Came from an area on the Great Plains.  11.00 or so, delivered.  I'd picked up a blue bead on a Caddo site cut by a road West of Tyler and wanted to compare it to something authentic.  I don't know for sure that these are it, but seems reasonable.

  Been carrying one around in my pocket to remind me of previous lives lived in America.  Touching in during church, taking it out during radio show on the arts.  Looking at it as a talisman, a memento of the past.  Cindy and  I did a little round of estate sales on Saturday and I picked up a shot glass to put them in.  It's just more clutter but maybe clutter is what life is.  All artists want to live an enchanted life.

  Just let me see what's next.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Brick Street Anthology open.

Hardly time to draw a breath in the crowd.  Tried to talk to as many folks as possible.  Around 300 people at the reception.  Got to make some remarks.  Lecture coming on Sunday, April 23 at 2:00.  Show was very well received.

Only time for a few quick iPhone shots.  Had planned on a lot more but was just too busy!

On the radio at 8:00 Saturday, January 28th morning on Art Connection.  97.5 FM.  Caleb Bell and I will tell some stories about the images.

Avery and his baptism photograph.

Andy Andrews family photo.

Dennis Smith

Phillip Pruitt and himself.

Michael McClendon, Enologist.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Brick Street Anthology getting installed.

Pre-label and light.

Josh hanging the last prints.

50 prints up.

The lighting is still to be adjusted.

Two big galleries with interior walls.

  Installed, lighting done and labels on.  Going to check it at lunch.  Staff has done a wonderful job.  Many fingerprints on a project like this, though I will get most of the credit.  All any artist wants is to have work seen.  I'm very grateful for the folks that made this happen.  They are doing excellent PR.  Been on TV twice, in a local magazine and the newspaper gave us a whole front page on an inside section.  One more radio show to go on Saturday morning.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Brick Street Anthology Opens.


Michael McClendon, enologist and wine maker at Kierpersol Estates.

 Thursday, January 26th at 5;30 will be the members preview of Brick Street Anthology, Working title was 100 Tylerites.  Been shooting on it this year through Katie's exit.  Sorry she didn't get to see it.

  50 framed pieces.  All film and darkroom work.  Used the Hasselblad all the way, though I thought about the Fugi 6X9 and the Deardorff 5X7.  Went with roll film.  All HP5 in Pyrocat, printed 15 1/2 square on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone.  Nice prints.  Once I got the darkroom set and the workflow established it was fairly easy printing.

Rusty Mitchum at Skunk Hollow.

Robert McKinney with Armadillo.

Phillip Pruitt at Brookshires #8 grocery store.

Bailff Leonard Spruill and Judge Carol Clark with Justice statue from old courthouse at the Smith County Historical Society.

Baptism, DaySpring Methodist Church.

Federal Magistrate Judith Guthrie and Oak she planted, Federal Courthouse.

Prayer stack, Church-under-the-Bridge, Tyler.

AC Gentry working crossword.

Rose Parade, Tyler.

Miss Fashionetta, Rose Parade, Tyler.

Caldwell Zoo director Hayes Caldwell with shovel of Rhino by-product.

TJC President Mike Metke in front of Jenkins Hall