Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The seam between Heaven and Hell.

  Carrying the 5X7 and a little 6X9 Fuji wide angle baby cam.  Shooting FP4 in both.  Minimal filtration.  Stayed at the only place one should stay..Recapture Lodge in Bluff.  Always interesting people in the map room at breakfast.

Shadow draped over West Hill at Shiprock.

The world going round and round in Butler Wash.

The Wolfman.

Target House.

Hard to ignore those seams and shadows.

Cindy at Ballroom Cave.

Making light out of darkness inside Ballroom Cave Ruin.

Gooseneck State Park.

KayAnne McKinney at Progression Panel.

I climbed back to Progression Panel to reshoot two details.

The seam between Heaven and Earth on the San Juan.

Desert Shapes.  Haven't touched any film yet.  These are just my iPhone blockings.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Photos over at Blackfork Blog...

Well, heck.  Usually the shooting rifles is over there and the cameras over here...but I got a little excited this morning after being out of town for a week and posted on the wrong blog.

There's the link.

Billboards, Bluff.  Snakes...

  Go take a look.  A little gun smoke won't hurt you.