Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Negatives files.

Crop-barring through Shiprock files.

Blue filter on the 5X7.

Looking at images to find overlooked, unprinted negs.  I was very careful to level the camera inside the Salt Cave, but turns out it needs a little tilt.

Behind the White Tower on the NW corner of Shiprock.  Print over the fixer tray.  Easy print with some pre-fogging of highlights.  Not many people go to Shiprock, fewer still actually drive out to the rock, less than those go around the West side.  Hardly anyone ever goes into the big NW alcove behind the White Tower.  Sporty, steep.  Spooky.  There is a great flat area along a wall that would be a great place to sleep, but only a couple views out of there.  Hope to go there at least once more.

The Little Necks.  Over the fixer tray.  Have to print very carefully for this.  Can't add too much contrast...and all those lovely filters are just waiting there...

Going to print this, but need to set up for larger paper.  Might try a small version first.  Some images just "want" a certain size.  Roaring afternoon light in June.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick printing.


Banging away on this ice/puzzle idea.....and then I ran out of film.  Two lousy sheets of 8X10 left until I get a shipment from B&H.  Maybe Monday.

In the lab for a set of proofs...ran out of paper for that and went ahead and printed a couple of negs to get thinking about them.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Magic & Logic, working through idea.

  Wish the process didn't require so much film.  For some reason, I actually have to put a holder of 8X10 in the camera and shoot a shot to get to the next level.  7 bucks a lesson.

  An old idea of mine, just getting it off the ground.  Learned several things...but already figuring out new things to do.  I need to break the edges more.  (I haven't dropped a sheet and shattered it....yet.)  One more half-sheet of frozen puzzle pieces standing by....all manual photoshop.  On to the next incarnation.  Plus I have to think up a title.  A GOOD title.  They are back in the freezer hardening up while I mosh it around in my head a little more.

  I cut the puzzle pieces out with a puzzle piece rolling cutter jig at a photographers place nearby.  Used black, white and cardboard.  In the water, they float so I had to freeze them in stages laying in the flat tin top of some metal box.  The black material comes apart in layers when wet.  Never know until you do it, then you find out.

Really enjoying the heck out of Sandy King's Pyrocat developer.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Almost everything you need to know about rainbows.

We had a nine-rainbow day driving across New Mexico on the way to Petrified Forest.  During the PETFO artist in residence we was them often.  Here's THE SCIENCE.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adding a little push to the Deardorff.

  Added an Ebay Fuji 600mm.  Ought to be handy out West, especially next summer at A-I-R at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Wish I had it at for Petrified Forest A-I-R in October.  Cheap price, about 400.00 delivered.  Looks to be in excellent shape.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Barred Owls.

Common owls of the area.  Very vocal.  This is the start of their mating season.  This one was killed by traffic out on the highway.  Found another in town.  Ginko tree is dropping leaves.  Used a light yellow to bring them out a bit.  HP5 in Pyrocat.

Was kicking myself for not having Fuji 180mm lens.  Had to really back up a ladder to get it in 210 Symar.

Monday, November 30, 2015

PETFO: Action shots.

With Deardorff in the Painted Desert Inn...

Shooting this door.

At Antelope House Ruin in Canyon del Muerto..

Shooting this.

Near Long Logs trail at Petrified...

Shooting something like this.

At Shiprock....

Shooting this.  450mm Nikkor.

210mm Symar.

Friday, November 27, 2015

PETFO: Project proofs out.

  Standing up the petrified trees from the park.  I actually think this might work.  I have 32 images that seem worth fooling with.  Just enough for a small show.  These wouldn't be any good for tourists or amateurs...the concept wouldn't be a fit.  Needs to be seen by folks who might grasp the concept.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Film running.

  30 rolls of 120 were waiting and over 100 sheets of 5X7.  All done, sleeved and ready to proof.  Used Pyrocat HD mostly.  Xtol on some of the roll film.

The proof.  Iphoned off the glass over the fixer tray.

Here's a close relative.  The Pyrocat 5X7 negs look thin, then seem to print OK.

In the labyrinth.

Update:  Getting a few proofs made.