Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ebay photos.

Dr. Sneed and I split a little Ansel Adams Yosemite print from the AA gallery. Then I found a W. Eugene Smith photo he had shot for Life Magazine that we got at a bargain. I'm always picking at cheap WWII photos. 12.00 and under. Some are really wonderful.

Here's "Killer" Joe Piro, a NY Coast Guardsman living it up at a USO dance contest in June of 1942. Original print. Probably a Graflex 4X5 with bulb flash.

Marine Cpl Jackie R. Perry from Dallas, Texas writing a letter home from a trench near the DMZ. He was lost two months later. This is a transmitted wirephoto- not on photo paper but on wirephoto stock. It has bleached out and will fade. Not worth paying much for wirephotos as they won't stand much light. Most likely the image is a 35mm film shot.

Post-WWII publicity shot of Jerry Colonna, Bob Hope's sidekick through many USO tours and movies. Probably an 8X10 contact.

Got a stack of others though I certainly miss some jewels because I'm not bidding very hard. I'd rather have these prints made for news than the modern archive reprints. I haven't had much luck with Owens Archive and others. One I won was a British Press photo that was a ferrotyped 11X14 with a wonderful range of tones. Amazing what is available.