Thursday, September 21, 2023

Shiprock shadows.

  After years of trying to find right conditions, a pilot, access, et, et.  On the fifth actual booked flight...finally got off the runway and into the air over Shiprock.

Flight path record.

Tried again that afternoon and the next morning.  Wind too high, then morning clouds.  So seven attempts.

Looking at proofs.  No prints to speak of yet.  And watched through the summer for another chance to get to Farmington.


Busy in the West...kinda.

It's the oddest thing.  The only folks who have seen my Guggenheim Portfolio are me and the selection committee.  Nobody else curious enough to ask.  I'm not much of a self promoter.  That's just the way it is.  

But....I've been in the West four trips, working.  As the Guggenheim person said: "Light having sex in the desert."


 Ten Texas Tornadoes and other stories.  At Longview Museum of Fine Arts through December 20.

Very capable staff and support at LMFA.

Stacy Odom and I did the sequencing.  Settled in Nicely.

43 framed pieces.  Largest exhibit I've ever had outside of Brick Street Anthology at Tyler Museum of Art back in 2016.

Signing prints.

I had Hanson Design and CAFE Xpress print some promotional post cards.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

San Angelo TV coverage of 10 Texas Tornadoes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Texas Artist of the Year Nomination.

   Honored and humbled to be considered for Texas Artist of the Year.  I'd hang my hat on these selections out of two series.  Both were begun when my beloved wife Katie Wintters was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.  We both moved closer and closer to home as that cycle progressed.  I thought it was a good idea to quit traveling and stay home and work on still life photos.

  I'm a very native regionalist.  I work out of my home and yard on Lindsey Lane in Tyler, Texas.  I trust the everything I need is within arms reach  here in the upper Blackford Creek Watershed.

  My work flow is as follows:  An idea arrives in my imagination.  I think of ways to get it on a piece of film.  I keep failing until it arrives.

Lucy waiting on photography to end and lunch to begin.

  Tornadoes arrived and blew through my studio.

Ten Texas Tornadoes.


Puzzle Twister.

Modern life.  Who doesn't have one of these spinning inside?


I'm enamored with the idea of luck and chance.

Candle Twister.

Magic & Logic

Mashing up items from the neighborhood.  AC Gentry's granddaughter and neighbors Magnolias.

Triple Magnolias.

Illuminated Manuscript.

My neighbors have learned to tolerate me over the years.  Here's Byron posing.

Tulip Tree Hat

Ike Crutcher, native Tylerite, 1899-1985.  His fedora and Sallie Gentry's, 1914-2006), Tulip Tree Blossoms.

Wisteria Scissors.

A pair of scissors that stayed in my prop pile for a few decades matched up with Wisteria blooms from a brief Spring season.

Fallen Stacked Dogwood Leaves.

Dogwood trees are beautiful all year.   The leaves stack best if you catch them in the air as they fall.

All images made on film with darkroom.  I don't use photoshop except when folks insist of getting one of these really large.

At Tyer Museum of Art.

This work is included in every regional collection in Texas.  Gernsheim, MFAH, TMA.  Southeast Texas, the Comer Collection, Amon Carter, et.  I have about 20 various bodies of work commissioned or self-determined.  I'm a Guggenheim Fellow for 2022.  Ably represented by Foto Relevance in Houston, Texas.

Just a note:  My dear Friend AC Gentry was Texas Artist of the Year in 1972 for his watercolors.

Thanks for your consideration.  God Bless Texas and all of its people.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Out of the Clint Wilhour estate.

 Two cyanotypes added to the 22 pieces in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston collection.  These are the first ones from this century, my most productive by far.  Just like Clint to get them in.  I'm grateful.

Two images made out of the the neighborhood, the yard, and within arms reach.

Sunday, April 10, 2022


  Wide brush survey of works from various portfolios.  Still life and Landscape are polar I'm not two people.  Just switch up the way I work.  Controls all set at the opposite.  In Landscape, god does all the subject matter, lighting, arranging props.  In the studio for still're have good ideas.

Moonset, Shiprock, NM, 1999

Triple Magnolias, 2019

Fledgling American Crow, 1993
                                                                 From Blackfork Bestiary.
                                    Still available as card from Borealis Press, Blue Hill Maine.

Puzzlenado, 2017
    From Ten Texas Tornadoes.  Classic Kinetic still life.  8X10 film.  No photoshop.  Cyanotype.

Flowered Fingers
                                                        The Hand of Sabazuis portfolio. 

Dogwood Pages, 2019
Magic & Logic portfolio.

Fallen Stacked Dogwood leaves, 2018
                                                                      Magic & Logic.

The Dot, Shiprock, NM

as a silver print.

Snail Hand, 1994
From Blackfork Bestiary.

South Dike, 2010

57 Moonado.
                                                                   Ten Texas Tornadoes.

Bullfrog in Beaker.
Blackfork Bestiary.

Illustrated Manuscript.
Hand of Sabazuis.

Light in the desert.
I've quit photographing subject and started watching light play.

Owl Feather Twister
Ten Texas Tornadoes.

Feather Box.
Magic & Logic.

Morning Shadow, Shiprock, NM.