Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Maybe i need a little break from the opposite of landscape: Still life, and let someone else work the lighting and subject matter.

Mist Trail in Yosemite, at Vernal Falls.

Panum Crater, Near Mono Lake.

Big shadow from Panum Crater.

Love to have a ladder up at Lake Tenaya just to photograph tree shadows on the glacial polish.  Probably do-able.

Editing blues

Out of film for a few days, so I am reading a couple of books about Charles Sheeler and another about Mimbres Pottery.  Set up the camera and looked at next idea.  Previous ideas scattered all over the studio fading and drying out.  Maybe on the first of the year I will toss out everything on my prop table.

  Meanwhile sleeving negs and matching with proofs.  Making my list and checking it twice on who is naughty and who is nice.

 13 moons.


 Feathered Redbud.


Double Acorn caps.



Maybe I should shoot the next ten without film in the camera.  See who I remember.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Idea cascades.

The Acorn season is here.  The white spots in the caps on the acorn ends remind me of shining full Moons.  The spots start fading after an hour or so, ending up brown and nondescript.  I've always love the full moon and the idea of a celestial clock running.  We'd driven up to see the total eclipse and gone to star parties to see the planets and galaxies.  I'd been thinking a little more "celestially."  A tornado out of moons is in the show at The Grace in Abilene right now.  Floated moons on faces and in shadows of landscapes...   

I've never printed this image large, but like it.

Stacked Acorns, 2016.

This year, I was careful in my selections and sequencing.  And use the title to re-inforce my idea.

13 Moons, 2018

As soon as I shot it I had another idea.  Cost a few sheets of film.  No proofs yet.  Fairly complex exposure sequence, most of which I worked out shooting tornadoes.

Negatives for variations of 13 Moons.

Yesterday when Cindy and I were walking the dogs I spotted a neighbors late roses and had an idea, related to a previous idea of a feathered leaf.  This morning I went and, (snip), stole a rose.

Feathered Rose.

Now I'm out of film. While processing I had two more ideas involving feathers, for one and acorns for another. I built out the acorn photo.  It's sitting in front of the camera under the feathered rose. Ordered film and drew thumbnails.  Going to catch up on processing.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Catching up on Proofing.

Estate sale pencils in bunches.  50 cents.  Got obsessed with pencils and leaves.


Fancier feathers?

Redbud and feathers?

  I've been imagining being a little more "celestial.  Acorns falling, so I'm out in the rain picking up and picking out acorns.  The white dot on the end only lasts a few hours, so you have to get really fresh ones and shoot.

Maybe not close enough.

 Now I have another idea.  Any image just wants to be free.

Or too close.  We'll see.

Roll Film.

Last year, (or so), I bought a Fuji 6X9 with 65mm lens to shoot a specific shot at Shiprock.  I really didn't know how it would work.  I shot film with it on several trips where it was too windy or I had too many people around to break out the 5X7.  Got a chance to print and the negatives are plenty sharp.  Viewfinders are weird, but seemed to frame up OK as well.  Fun printing some roll film.

This is actually a replacement print for an image made in 1986.  Before The View Hotel was built on that ridge.  Hasselblad, 50mm and a yellow filter.  I'd forgotten this photo.  I made a print for a graphic artist friend of mine in Houston, she framed it and when one of her kids moved out she offered them any piece of art in the House...they took this.

SE Utah.

Shadow on the San Juan at Bluff, Utah.

House of the Moon, Cedar Mesa.

Looks like it's going to be just the thing if I can ever get up high enough to really shoot the shadow at Shiprock.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2018 Guggenheim.

This years Guggenheim portfolio, in order.  Glad to have it out.  On to the next thing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Breaking into the Fall.

  Deardorff is recovered.  Mostly.  New back, new ground glass, new lens, new lens board.  Show came and went at Foto Relevance in Houston.  Show opening on Sept 29 at The grace Museum in Abilene, Texas.  Prints are delivered.  Just have to go to the opening.

  Darkroom up and functioning.  Studio is working across the street.  Nothing interferes with work except the normal cacophony of modern life.

  First stage of Guggenheim kicked out the door.

  Tornadoes lined up.  Still taking several sessions to get an idea refined.

Shooting schematic on the back of the Deardorff.


Rains brought a big mushroom bloom.  Rare.  We didn't get on last year.

Proof of the negative.  I know how to change it, perhaps improving...but going to let this one sit for a bit.

Mushnado.  Maybe.

  Shows, ideas, some print sales.  

What else is possible?