Friday, January 4, 2019

Proofing old negs. 1976.

REALLY early 8X10s.  Trying to get negatives organized.  

Round bales were kind of a new thing in the mid-70s.

These sawdust burners are obsolete.  Used to see them all over lumbering sites in East Texas.

The wash in Canyon de Chelly has cut itself a gorge as the Russian Olive plugged up the canyon.  Doesn't spread out like this any more.

Working Haphazardly.

  A little break to go West just before Christmas.  Crazy time to go but it turned out to be nice weather and light.  Took the Fuji 6X9 SW and the Deardorff.  Santa Rosa for day one, Breakfast with Kirk Gittings in Albuquerque and then out to tour Acoma.  I hadn't been at Acoma this century.  They let you take iPhone cameras, (with a sticker on them), these days.  For another 25 bucks I could have taken the Fuji.

  Acoma full of stuff to photograph and paint.  I imagine a digital guy could load up.  The tour is full of reverse history and hearsay, but that's not my concern.  Let them tell it however they care to.  No photos in the deserted church or the cemetery.  I expect that will come down later.  iPhones have changed the rules.

Ravens on the visitor center.

Back of the church.

Church is about the oldest building.  Spanish plopped it down in the old plaza and made everyone bend the knee and kiss the ring.  They burned it out in the 1680 revolt.  Rebuilt it around 1700.

The tour is basically from vendor to vendor, but what the heck.  I stocked up on 10 buck Christmas gifts.

Windows and doorways and ladders.  Lots of them.

No water or electricity on top.  About 50 folks still live there.

We got to climb off using the old trail that the Spanish forced their way up back in the early 1600s or so.  After winning that battle, the Spanish cut the left foot off all the surviving men.  Left an impression.

Trail is much improved over early days.  Worth coming down through, just for the history.

Cindy walking back to visitors center.

So far I hadn't shot a thing except a cotton bale in the Texas Panhandle.  Nice viewing though, and as I mentioned, a good digital cam could get some nice images up there of details.