Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lining up the negs to print.

  Plenty of new work from Shiprock and CDC to make prints from.  I've got nine 5X7 proofs up in some of Jackson's precut mats to see if they pass the wall test.  Fun to look at.

  Bought a used Ebay Nikon 210mm/F5.6 enlarging lens.  Still working on mounting the 240mm Schneider I got, but it won't make images as large or small as I hoped.  Focus problems, the old Omega 5X7 lens turrent has the focus built in.  So far the lens doesn't fit it.  Just details.

  Nikon was a great deal at 150.00.  I think I have it being mounted on another long extended cone.  No retaining ring for the Schneider though I am closer, I think.

  Either of the longer lenses ought to help my uneven illumination field problems from the enlarger head.  Negatives contact cleanly, but the enlarger projects hot spots.  I don't think they ever thought that folks would be printing the whole negatives and not cropping.

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