Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mystery negatives.

Pulling out the Hasselblad as a snapshot camera for the Canyon de Chelly adventure and taking film out of cold storage, ordering new film, et, et.  Somehow when we got back and I was running film, plus some from school, plus Jacksons...I ended up with one roll of TX shot of a pregnant woman and her young son.  I couldn't remember it.  It was shot through a Hasselblad so it was mine or Jacksons.  When I processed it this morning it finally came to mind.

  I shot a portrait session for a very pregnant young lady almost ten years ago.  Before I was using digital.  She was just a few days away from delivery but I was impressed with her personality, the way she handled her five year old son.  Seemed like a great person.  The week and then the month went by and she never contacted me about proofs or prints.  I figured she had her hands full.A few months later her parents tracked me down...she had died in childbirth!  I gave them the color film and proofs, might have even had some prints made.  No charge of course.  This must have been a roll of Tri-X 320 from that session that somehow evaded processing until yesterday.  The negatives are in good shape.  Base+fog density a little higher than normal but nothing serious or lethal.  Her son must be a teenager by now and her baby, (who survived), a grade-schooler.

  I offered up the appropriate prayer but it is still quite a shock to have this memory come roaring back out of the fixer tray as I made roll film proof sheets this morning.

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Fikree Fauzi said...

Wow, very touching... i can imagine the situation...