Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three days in the canyons with view cameras, film and iphones.

Hard to beat for a vacation as far as I am concerned.

Wish I had looked closer at this whole mass.  Was noticing the eroded cut-out at the bottom with Jackson turned into it.  Should have backed up a bit and looked at the big picture.  Looks like something there though it could be this beautiful afternoon light.

Jackson checking an image on my 5X7.

First shot of the trip.

Little Deardorff at work with a hanging polarizer.

Kids on the road.

Only one camera problem on the whole trip: my rebuilt 250 wide-field Ektar on the 8X10 wouldn't fire with a cable release.  None of the releases seemed to be long enough.  It worked fine in back home in the studio.  I fired it manually anyway, but worried about camera movement.  I sorted through the five or six I had with me and nothing worked.

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