Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guide and I climbing old Navajo trail.

  I'm huffing and puffing.  Flatlander finding myself at 6000 feet.  I also was doing it one-handed with my little coolpix set on "movie."  Wonderful bounce light from across the canyon.  Mid-morning.  I took a Hasselblad up for some handholding.  Canyon del Muerto.

My Hasselblad shot is something like this.

Guide Thurman from Antelope House Tour company.

Climbing log shortcut.  Very old.  There was a little ladder up the crack at the top.  For this shot I am climbing up and holding my iphone way up and way out.  Very tough to get this shot with a real camera.

Now I wish I had hauled my 5X7 up there for the trail shot.  Not hard- it's basically a staircase with exposure, though if you fall there's no bannister.

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