Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Help from the iphone.

We were all iphoning like mad -with the camera functions. ( No bars and no signal in the canyons.) I used mine to roughly select lens length- (I figured out about where on the zoom my various focal lengths were), and also to preview shots and make notes.  Fun to have along.  We worked three 12 hour days in the canyons, twice on the Muerto side and once on the CDC side.

Hubbell trading post house kitchen- full of wonderful light.

Spider Rock overlook undercaves.  Kind of hard to find.  Whole series of caves under the rim to the right of the trail as you are walking out to the overlook.

First shot of the trip with view camera- this is my iphone note.


Martini-rock drive on Canyon del Muerto side.  Got to shoot this scene on two different days.

Standard stuff.  I don't remember if this is 12 inch, (300mm), or 450mm.

Hanging raincloud abstract iphone note.

Actually put this one in iphoto and did some editing.  It was way up on a wall in CDM.  Had to go at it with 450 on 5X7.

This tree, shadow and crack fit in the 8X10.  First time ever for that.  It's almost always a struggle.  I was shocked!

Jackson working a corner with Hasselblad.

Blue Bull Cave area.  

Stripe-hunting up CDM side..

Jackson and I waving arms at CDM.  Katie is doing the six things that happen in a photograph.....pretty dadgum well!  Subject, background, viewpoint, moment, framing, lighting.

Katie and I in front of a strand of wire anchoring a fence corner.  It was such a great set that I ran everyone by it.  The wiring was so rigged up that I entertained the notion that even I could be a Navajo.

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