Sunday, November 11, 2012

Darkroom work.

  Plenty of new negatives to print- and many old ones.  Got in the darkroom today for a little 11X14 familiarization with some that I think will be favorites from August at Shiprock and October at Canyon de Chelly.  Used Ilford Warmtone Multigrade and some Harmon Warmtone liquid developer.  I ran a full tray line: dev, stop, fix, fix, Permawash/selenium toner bath, rinse, then into a little Zone VI washer.

  My new, (ebay), Nikon 210 enlarging lens is installed on the 5X7.  First time to get a chance to use it.  Had to rig up a really crude stainless steel wire filter holder but I did and it worked.

Tap water is a blissful 67 degrees.

Working on a print of the road winding through the Cottonwoods on the Canyon del Muerto side.  This will look pretty good on 20X24.

Cell phone files while I was looking at the prints on a sheet of glass tilted up over the fixer trays.

South Dike in the haze at Shiprock.

Morning shadow off the West ledge.

Fun to print though it took a bit to get rolling.  Ran through 14 sheets of 11X14.  Ilford Warmtone Multigrade is a pretty good paper.

  Pulled a Hasselblad negative from 1976 folder of White House Ruin.  Only printed twice before.  Ilford FP4 in HC110 I'm sure.  Off a tripod with my 50mm wide angle.  I'm sure I had a yellow filter on.  I can enlarge this to 17X17 with the 105 Nikon enlarging lens I have on.  I think it will hold together that large.

Final set toning.  Using test strips out of the trash to keep up with the color.

Busy week but hope to get some of them on the wall behind glass to look at quickly.

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