Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sheet film in trays.

  Finished all the Canyon de Chelly trip sheet film, 5X7 and 8X10.  I've got a medium sized darkroom, plenty comfortable.  Ran the film in trays.  Timer on the wall.  I take the sheet off the bottom and put it on the top with constant agitation during the development time.

  Here's the process:

1. Lights out.

2.  Pre-soak in 68 degree water.

3. Develop for full time with constant agitation.

4.  Back in pre-soak which is now stop bath.  Just water.

5.  Over to fixer for a minute.

6. Lights on.  Complete fixing.

7. Rinse.

8. Perma-Wash to break down fixer.

9.  Tray wash at 68-72 degrees.

10. Kodak Photo-flo and drain.

11.  Hang to dry.

  I run six to eight sheets at a time for 5X7.  12 ozs of X-tol and 12 ozs mixed one-to one.  8X10 I ran 4 sheets at a time.  Usually do three or four runs and hang it up.

5X7s sitting in the fix.  Developer tray is tilted a bit to have a deep side.

  There's not anything fancy or unusual about any of this, it just gets done so rarely these days that I thought I would review the obvious.

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