Sunday, March 4, 2012

This month.

OK. NOT this month. Negatives have been sitting next to the enlarger since I processed them in November. Shot in August at Lake Erie while we were up for the National Matches. Quite a struggle. I kept moving closer as the light got better and better and lost the shape of the leaves up above. When I proofed them I liked the first shot best. Might be a lesson in that.

My favorite pear tree in the whole world. We've had a long relationship. This week. Was back there the last two days. The peak of the bloom is just a couple of days. Might get a moonrise on Tuesday evening here. Rare that the bloom and the moon line up.

Our stairs and our personal pear tree. White cat out in the yard.

This is down below with another. Tossed a negative without the clouds. Hit three in a row in just a few minutes. The roof from the side, the gates and this.

Such an honest little field! The men who have worked it have been here all week. Yesterday one drove by to tell me they would leave the gate open for me when they left. Growing roses.

From top of the truck. Pretty windy so it isn't the sharpest. Whole image built around the gopher mounds.

Scanning proofs. Not any dodging or burning, though I do edit out a few spots here and there. Its just pretty late in life but I really feel like I am at the top of my game. Shooting single sheets of my holders. I've shot both sides for years but just gave that up this year. Trying to quit "worrying" the image so much, just see it and shoot.

All these negatives a very well behaved. Proofed on #2 paper. No printing problems ahead. Working with the light at the peak of its revealing quality, having it on my side in every negative.

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