Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the darkroom...

Cloud blowing away with the light.

Here's what it looked like in digital.

Overcast rainy days. Good tap water temps makes it easy to stay inside and work. Got all the 5X7 film processed through Xtol and all the negatives proofed. Really helps
taking the proofs through a scanner and looking at the images electronically. I'm severe editor of my own work. Plus I don't want a negative I have to fight with. These are all pretty balanced shots and I won't have to perform any darkroom miracles to get a print I like.

Shot about 60 negatives. Approx 20 different scenes. If I get a chance to go back I know right where I want to start and the light I want to start in.

The Black Giant. I think the Giant is why you can't camp on the South Side. Not even the eagles nest over there.

Katie actually took a few photos of me working!

450mm lens off the roof at dusk in a light breeze. Deardorff was stretched all the way out. Probably won't make a big print, but the light was so beautiful that I shot a piece of film anyway.

Going to have to have a very light hand with the printing on this one and keep the stone from looking too heavy.

Wish I had put a 90mm Super Angulon on a lens board. Needed all the room I could get in here.

Three variations to pick from. Wide angle is the best. I think I can make a very delicate print.

Here is a digital file while I was waiting.

As you get close, it looks like a million images ready to be made...then you got a little nutty trying to tease one out. Very deceptive.

Morning light washing up against the side of the South Dike.

I tried to be VERY careful with my filtration this trip. Easy to overdo it in New Mexico.


Len Kowitz said...

These all look pretty good given that I'm seeing them on screen.
I'm guessing you'll get some real nice prints out of this work.
Nice job.

Tony Wainwright said...

Very nice work!