Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ebay News Photo Archives.

For an article in the Detroit Press Sunday Magazine about "beatniks." He isn't shaving. He's hanging out all day in the coffee shop drinking ice-cream shakes. I't's a travesty!

Ecological disaster. Ran in the Detroit paper March 24, 1949.

There are many newspaper archives going up on Ebay full of wonderful original prints. The physical condition ranges from pretty good to awful but the prices are very low for really historical artifacts. I think my oldest is 1929 and the newest 1968.

As much as I recommend avoiding looking at other artists work, if you are a working artist, (if it's good, you get influenced and if it's bad there's no point.), photographers MUST know, understand and love the visual process. I've got a little pile of striking images made in the Detroit area, WWII images, snow images, et. Quite wonderful examples of the photographic art made by photographers long since gone.

Early Boing 707 and a posed photo. I doubt he is really "working" on it.

Isn't this a wonderful posed photograph? Graflex 4X5 with a big flash bulb to fill the shadows. Just the kind of happy image an editor needs two or three per day.

Press photo of the auto buffet on a Chicago area train.

Heavily retouched Kingfisher from 1929!

Winter walker "weather shot for the Detroit paper in 1961.

God bless these good people who made these images.

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