Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shiprock and Chaco proofs.

Climber's Cave on the West face. Pretty sporty climb. Once I retreated to this cave in a big rainstorm and the roof turned into a waterfall. I finally got tired of watching the lighning through the water, rolled out my bag and went to sleep.

Digital file of the cave.

All negatives processed in Xtol. Nice enough set. Just starting to get a few proofs out.

Shot this exact scene before but you never know about the light.

And here it is. From about 10 years ago.

Interior of Pueblo Bonito. The floors and ceilings are out for three stories up and it looks different than any of the builders could ever have imagined. Smallish doorways on the ground floor, has a kind of tiny cathedral feel to it.

Climbers built this to get to the first hold on the overhanging lip of the cave. More shadow detail in a real print. These are scanned from quick proofs. It does help to work with the image a bit even electronically to get to know it before making a 20X24.

Never seen a photo of this. Tough conditions to get to it. Love to see it on a cloudy day. Direct afternoon sunlight tangles it up.

Digital Dot.

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