Friday, March 9, 2012

Off for a little drive in the country.

Katie and I are gearing up for a little drive in the country this weekend. The turn-around point is Shiprock, New Mexico. Going to spend a night at Chaco Canyon, where I have never been. Driving my little 4-runner and taking my little camera and a few sheets of film.

Here's the morning view out a very comfortable ledge up on the West face close to the climber's cave.

This is a rock shape on the ledge. Worked it a couple of times but never quite teased out the final image. May add a little more space around it. Maybe I am too tight.

Hope to have a safe and happy trip. I just went through my negatives to look at proofs from 1998 to present. There is a whole unprinted show in there. Few rock walls I would like to puzzle out and hope to see some spectacular air. We'll see. Shiprock, besides the poltergeists, always has a few surprises.

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