Friday, March 9, 2012

Photographer's treat.

Photos from old new archives bought off ebay. A little something for everyone while I am on a shooting trip to Shiprock.

Airplane Race contestant Frank Fuller, for the Bendix Trophy, Burbank to Cleveland. September 1, 1937.

Tackle Jack Miller of the Delaware Blue Hens, 1949.

Promotion photo for wigs, 1966.

Marilyn Rich, 1950. Any idea why one helicopter blade is bent, you digital folks?

Police dogs get a wide berth. Chicago, 1961

Don Larson, Benoit College, 1952.

Jim Ryan running the mile, 1967.

Coastguardsman Bill Murry writes home, November 1944.

Canadian News service photo of POW uniform design, 1943.


Ritchie said...

The bent helicopter blade-this appears to be the result of a focal plane shutter. My semi-informed opinion, the gap in the curtains was traveling from right to left on the image. The blades were turning "image clockwise", so the shutter opening first encountered the lower blade when it was image-right, and moved in the same direction. By the time the blade had lined up in the vertical direction, the opening zipped across it in the opposite direction to its motion, lined up with it, giving a quick exposure to all of the blade at once. Yes, I have a Speed Graphic, why do you ask?

Heinrich Dubel said...

The helicopter blade appears bent because it is. These blades would brake if they would be rigid and therefor not bending.

Heinrich Dubel said...

Here is a more recent picture of a bent blade: