Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PETFO: Project.

  I had a project in mind for the park.  I wanted to photograph petrified logs from the vantage point that you would view if they were standing.  The images would be displayed with the trees back to vertical.  Ranger Kip Woolforth provided access to a ladder and then loaned me a 16 year old volunteer, Connor to carry it around the Long Logs area near the South entrance visitor center.  

A perfect day for shooting in consistent light from 9-2:00.  Not a cloud around.  Got to the mid 80s by the time we ran through my film and water.


Up the ladder to about 10 feet elevation.  Could have used more but this was all we could get.

The rough idea.  I got Conner to sit on a couple, had the landscape tilted away in some corners, footprints, my shadow coming in from corners, et.  The tree will be vertical and the background will sort out however it sorts.

Conner off climbing mud hills.

Big logs.  I'd looked at them on Google Earth.  Lotta of subject matter when we got there plus a few Jack Rabbits.  

  Used a Fuji 6X9 65mm wide-angle viewfinder camera and Ilford Pan F and FP4.  K2 light yellow on all photos.  Shot about 15 logs from both sides.  We'll see if it makes sense.  A few more to go around the visitor center and the North end of the park.  Ran through about 10 rolls.

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