Sunday, November 8, 2015

PETFO: Busy day on and off the Mesa.

  Ranger Woolford had told me about the biggest log in the park- just below the Chinde overlook a few hundred yards up from the casita.  I'd scouted it in the rain the previous week.  The weather was better and I was adding to my project photos, so over the edge I went.

It was an impressive log.  And it did look bigger than anything I had seen on the Long Logs trail down South.  

Reloading the Fuji.

Big log was about halfway down the elevation to the floodplain.

Trip down to the South Entrance visitor center to work logs along the tourist footpath.

Doesn't look like I am doing much but I'm fleshing out the project with variations on the theme.  Lots of kids, people, dogs around.  Used them in the photos.

  Evening project was a lecture down at Northland Pioneer College at Show Low, AZ.  About 60 miles.  Got to see more country, lecture a bit and eat out before heading back to the casita.

Laying out work.

Prepping for talk with Magda Gluszek, the Ceramics instructor and PETFO Ranger Kip Woolford.

Katie was a big fan of Magda's shoes.

Telling them everything I know about photography, plus a little bit more.

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