Monday, November 16, 2015

PETFO: The End of Days

  I finished the last afternoon in rainbows and rain showers.  Pushing a last couple shots.  There was a tremendous amount of work undone.  Never touched the East end of a butte down South that tumbled off into a jumble of dolmens.  Never got my shadow of a single Teepee stretched across the plains.  Never got a good black and white rainbow or thundercloud.  Not enough time and light.  On the other hand I did get some memorable images and spend a large amount of time footwalking the park.  We're invited back anytime the casita is open.  

Last look off the point down at the top of Pintura Peak.

  Katie was packing and cleaning.  Off Sunday morning at 7:00 for the first leg to Texas.  Once, I was an Artist-in-Residence, but now, I was just a tourist with 1200 miles from home.

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