Sunday, November 8, 2015

PETFO: Pinutra Escarpment.

Video from inside the Labyrinth along the edge the Pintura Escarpment.  Fairly sporty getting in there, especially with 5X7 and tripod, but an interesting off-the-path area.  I'm sure there is a lot more than I saw.  Only videoed one area.  There are a couple of areas like this, including the main Pintura Peak that I saw at the first of the A-I-R.

  I can't recommend going in there unless you are active type.  Access is not quite rock climb rated (5.0), but dramatic.  Unstable footing and environment, rock fall hazard, steep, isolated, 6000 feet, no water, no cell service, wilderness/desert.  Chance of wildlife encounter.

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