Thursday, November 12, 2015

PETFO: The Place No One Knew. Inside Pintura Escarpment.

Saturday was the last day for work.  Loaded up and headed for an obscure point on the escarpment that I had scouted from above.

Morning rainbow fragment.

Saddled up and walking to the edge.

  Hadn't been inside, though I had jumped the cracks on top and looked down into the labyrinth from overhead.  Actually getting in was the tricky part.  You never know if you are struggling into a dead end with your bag full of gear and tripod or if something will go.  All the usual.  Tight, loose underfoot, slanted, steep, crumbly.

  It did go.  I worry too much.  Inside the corridors wandered and twisted.  Nice smooth overcast early morning light.  No wind inside.  Spooky exploring.  Not a trace of man, no trash, no footprints, not a flake of flint or a shard of pottery.  

Shot until the sunlight broke through the clouds at the same time that I ran out of film.  First time on the trip that I had shot all my holders.

Walked down the rim to look into the cave once more.

Last look out the window on Pintura Peak.

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