Friday, November 16, 2012

Enlarger Games.

Water crossing the road, Smith County, Texas.

  I've been trying to upgrade and improve my timers, lenses, and enlarging heads to get better results out of multigrade papers.  Ebay is the best source for this kind of stuff.  I'm having trouble with the color of my cold light heads on an Omega D2, which prints up to 4X5 and an Omega D3, which prints up to 5X7.  There are bargains on lenses so I bought a couple- but one of them, so far, is missing a retaining ring so I haven't been able to mount it.  That's a typical problem.  You can find what you need.....almost.  You have to keep looking for pieces and parts.

  I changed heads on the D2 to try and improve the color of the light. I switched from an Aristo Grid head and Zone VI stabilizer back to an old Omega florescent light head.  The D2 was too blue.  I think I helped it.  Hard to be sure until I print a little more.

  Bought a twin to my big Omega D3 5X7 from an ebay seller in New Jersey.  It was a bargain but they had vastly underestimated what it would cost to ship.  Of course I paid in full...but then they started balking when they actually tried to send it.  They won't ship or respond so I opened a case to get money back.  While I was waiting on that debacle I bought a late model Zone VI enlarger with a head set up for 5X7 and multigrade paper.  Its in Oregon.  Many extras.  I think they will figure out a way to get it to me.  The only question is the number of dollars.

  That's a major change from what I was using.  Going to be interesting to get it in and start working.

The Dot at Shiprock.


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Mark Kalan said...

the Zone VI unit is the best. the cold light heads don't work well with multi-grade papers, they were best way back in the day when you bought portrait papers that were specifically designed to be exposed with cold light units. I think the Zone VI is worth a trip to/from OR for!