Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Abandoned swimming pool.

  Playing Indian Guide to an out of town photographer and photoshoot.  We were at Love's Lookout and I walked through the brush to look at the old pool there.

Normally a black and white guy but this looks like color images all the way.

The portholes were big lensed underwater lights.

This porthole has one of the best stains there is.

The delicate aqua shades were the real surprise.

Went here as a kid once or twice.  Horrible opaque water and muck on the bottom in the deep end.  There was a retractable shade for a strip across the shallow end.  In it's day it was a very sophisticated place, part of a big amusement park.

I was just touristing with my iphone.  Needs a serious camera in there.

Update:  Getting amazing feedback.  Need to get a digital, level and tripod into there.  Very unusual for this spot not to be defaced with graffitti, so the clock is probably ticking.  On the other hand, I don't have a color portfolio.  Wouldn't this have looked good in Polaroid Type 59!

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